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A New Mindset to Building the Media Business

New research from American Opinion Research (AOR) indicates that newspapers, magazines, websites and other media need to look at things differently today to add readers, users and build market share.

  •  Readers and users are in command now

Consumers can acquire information about almost any topic, where they want it and when they want it. We need them more than they need us.

  • AOR Research shows uniqueness rules

Where your products are perceived as providing information unavailable elsewhere has become a primary predictor of readership and usage; something to consider when selecting content and developing marketing and promotional campaigns.

  • Focus on building reader and user frequency; worry less about the hard-core customer, and the hard-core non-customers

Attracting hard-core non-customers is expensive. You already have market share among hard-core customers. Target those in between. Research can tell you which is which.