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American Opinion Research (AOR)

Information to make the right decisions

American Opinion Research (AOR). Results you can use.

The big picture is important; but, sometimes the small picture is even more important. Understanding the specific needs and attitudes of audience segments is sometimes the most effective approach to creating marketing programs that work.

American Opinion Research (AOR) provides actionable information to help clients achieve the greatest return on their investments.

Whether business-to-consumer or business-to-business, we use the latest methodologies and technologies to develop the right, forward-looking information needed to make the right decisions.

AOR is not a research vendor, as many marketing companies use, but a fully-staffed global market research firm working with Fortune 500 corporations, global, national, regional and local companies, associations and more than 200 media organizations.

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AOR has conducted research in more than 30 countries and in more than 40 states, on such issues as:

  • Media usage
  • Branding, positioning, messaging and market
  • Pricing
  • Unmet needs and opportunity analysis
  • Concept testing for a wide variety of products and services
  • Segmentation analysis and customer targeting
  • Customer and member experience and satisfaction
  • Forecasting Return on Investment for various strategies
  • Competitive analysis
  • Advertising, and message testing
  • Naming
  • Policy and advocacy issues
  • Market potential
  • Investor relations
  • Package design and labeling
  • Crisis Management
  • Employee and member retention and recruitment