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Associations and Foundations

From Member Satisfaction to Supporting Policy

Powerful results.

A major international professional association wanted to test potential new services designed to attract and retain members. It chose American Opinion Research (AOR) because of our experience in working with a wide variety of associations, organizations and foundations, including professional associations, scientific organizations, packaged goods and chemicals, electronics and environmental. The results were so powerful the same association has returned to AOR for additional research.

AOR has conducted research to:

  • Develop programs to attract and retain members
  • Identify unmet needs to develop new products and member services
  • Measure member satisfaction and create strategies to enhance it
  • Create advertising, messaging and logo testing
  • Develop programs to support public policy
  • Measure satisfaction with member service, communications and publications
  • Conduct public opinion polling on unique issues to build public awareness and support (many of these studies are directed by AOR CEO Tony Casale, former Director of News Research for USA Today, which specialized in conducting polls that make news)