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AOR is a leader in online media research

A long history of working with media organizations.

American Opinion Research (AOR) is one of the nation’s top media research firms, with a long history of working with printed newspapers, websites, magazines, cable companies and others.

AOR has conducted media research (quantitative and qualitative) for more than 300 media companies, in almost every state and in more than 15 countries worldwide. Clients range from many of the world’s media companies, to mid-size and small local outlets.

AOR is a leader in research, to build the reach of digital products, and increase website and mobile usage.

Clients have included:

  • The New York Times
  • Cablevision
  • USA Today
  • Newsday
  • ESPN The Magazine
  • Hartford Courant
  • Cooking Light
  • Real Simple magazine
  • Various McGraw-Hill publications
  • The Seattle Times
  • Sacramento Bee
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Sacramento Bee
  • South Florida Sun-Sentinel
  • Orlando Sentinel
  • The Buffalo News
  • Baltimore Sun, and hundreds of others