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Telling Tracey’s story; a video testimonial

Taking control of migraines
Integrated Marketing Services created a video testimonial for electroCore™, a bioelectric medical device company, showcasing gammaCore™ a non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation therapy currently used to prevent cluster headaches and treat migraine and cluster headaches.

The video, a success story, portrays how a first-grade teacher is taking control over her migraines with gammaCore, a portable, easy-to-use device, and makes an emotional connection with viewers who literally feel Tracey’s pain and see how Tracey’s life has changed since she started using the product.

The video, directed by Ed Buffman, which just launched on the gammaCore site, is intended to get the word out to others who suffer from migraines, engage viewers and build awareness for the product.

Click here to watch the video.