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Branding and Rebranding

From Fortune 100 companies to start-ups

Brand strategies that set you apart.

Effective branding is the foundation for all marketing communications.

Using BRANDiTâ„¢, our trademarked branding process, Integrated Marketing Services (IMS) has branded and rebranded products, services and companies, ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to startups.

Due to the unique integrated nature of our company, IMS can implement a campaign as well as create it.

Using American Opinion Research (our wholly-owned market research company), we often track results at key points to ensure messaging is effectively communicating brand messages, and refine then if necessary.

IMS has branded and position such companies as Siemens Medical Solutions, Agfa Graphics, Curantis Solutions, specific products for Siemens Hearing Instruments and many others.

Every program is custom designed to meet the needs of each specific client; and every phase is done in-house, including:

  • External and/or internal market research to evaluate your current brand image, and identify the most effective strategies and most powerful marketing messages for the strongest possible positioning
  • Analysis of your current positioning and messaging, and that of competitors to determine how, best to differentiate you from others
  • Testing to ensure positioning and messaging effectively resonates among key audiences
  • Developing marketing communications plans and strategies to increase awareness, credibility, market share and sales
  • Internal buy-in programs