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Keeping public notices in print; it’s what citizens want


People in your state want public notices to stay in printed newspapers, not moved to government websites. Market research from American Opinion Research (AOR) proves support for keeping legal ads in print is overwhelming.

LegalStats™ research from AOR has been used in a dozens of states to sway state legislators and local lawmakers away from moving public notices from print.

LegalStats™ research shows:


LegalStats™ includes:

  • A powerful, ready-to-use presentation of results
  • A free-of-charge*, presentation of results to your members, state and local officials
  • A press release and materials to promote results

In addition, LegalStats™ measures the use of newspaper products in your state (daily, weekly and online), proving they have the greatest reach.

Customize your research to your specific needs

You have the option of adding other topics that, in every state, have shown:


  • Consumers consult newspaper advertising most before shopping
  • More than any other source, consumers make actual purchases based on newspaper advertising

Newspaper advertising provides the most “effective advertising reach” of any medium, including radio, television and direct mail

Choose the LegalStats™ program based on your needs and budget:

Number of interviews: 400 (accurate to within plus or minus 5 percentage points), 600 (+/- 4 pp), 800 (+/- 3.5 pp), 1000 (+/- 3 pp)

Interview lengths: 15 Minutes (average length of LegalStats™ research); can expand to 20 minutes and 25 minutes

AOR will design the study that best fits your needs.

 *Except for out-of-pocket travel expenses

Anthony Casale
CEO, Integrated Marketing Services