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Siemens Hearing


IMS used both its research and marketing capabilities to develop a marketing campaign that was one of the most successful ever for Siemens Hearing Instruments.

AOR research with hearing-impaired adults determined that, despite the benefits of hearing aids, people disliked wearing them IMS Marketing then used these results to turn a negative into a positive by developing a campaign that resonated with Siemens target audience: “I Hate Hearing Aids…but I wear my (Siemens) Triano all day long.”

Our research showed that dining out was a favorite activity of older adults, but, also the environment most difficult in which to hear. An integrated marketing campaign (print and digital) showed a confident-looking maitre-d proclaiming the Siemens message (I hate wearing hearing aids…) establishing Triano’s place in the market and differentiating it from competitive brands.

Siemens return on investment was higher than any previous campaign.