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Suggestions for Using Integrated, Cross-Channel Marketing

Our new research shows 90 percent of Americans use the Internet, 70 percent own a smart phone, almost six-in-10 use at least two social media sites, and more than half still read a printed newspaper.

With the changing media environment, the need for integrated multi-platform marketing is vital to the success of virtually every program and campaign. This is particularly true for reaching younger adults, the vast majority of whom rely on digital devices for all types of news and advertising information.

Some suggestions:

  • Make your marketing program synergistic; make sure your message is clear, concise, consistent across all channels, and includes a compelling call to action
  • Know your target audience, what they use, when they use it (consumers use different channels at different times of the day); relatively inexpensive online research can answer these questions

Understand that consumer behavior varies by channel; they often use one to research a product or service, and another to buy.