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The Origin of Five Amazing Marketing Ideas

The Marlboro Man: Great Cowboy_websuccess, but with a downside

The iconic Marlboro Man marketing campaign, considered one of the most successful ever, began in 1955 to convince males that smoking filtered cigarettes was not feminine (they were first introduced as a woman’s cigarette). The ads originally used a number of different characters, but the rugged cowboy image stuck. Ironically, four men appearing in the Marlboro ads died of smoking-related causes, according to the Los Angeles Times, but not before several appeared in anti-smoking commercials.

watch_webWhat time is it really?

Although there are some variations, watches in advertisements are generally set at 10:10. One reason, the hands resemble a happy face.

Why wear jeans on Fridays?jeans_web

Although generally considered a relatively new development, dress-down Friday actually began about three generations ago as a way to boost worker morale. It really took off in the 70s, when clothing manufacturers began promoting it as a way to increase sales.

ring_web1Diamonds weren’t forever

Before World War II, diamond engagement rings were relatively rare; now, they’re almost the rule. What happened? Sales took off when the De Beers® diamond cartel launched a huge campaign linking diamonds with engagements, according to the BBC. The campaign was specially aimed at women and even suggested the ring should cost two-month’s salary. Not sure if that works today.

A sweet campaign

The legend of St. Valentine has been around for more two thousand years; the tradition of giving candy is much more recent. In the mid-1choc_web800s, Richard Cadbury, of the Cadbury Candy Company, launched a large marketing campaign tying chocolate to the celebration of Valentine’s Day to help launch a new company line. Cadbury also designed the first candy box, including the elaborate boxes in which Valentine candy was sold. FYI, in Japan, women sometimes give chocolates to men.

Anthony Casale
CEO, Integrated Marketing Services